small websites


wordpress and Divi


I create websites for small companies and freelancers. My goal is to help them take their businesses to the next level by having an online presence. In my work I focus on developing clear, simple and easy to navigate websites. All my websites are created in WordPress with Divi Theme and Divi Visual Builder. Such set ups give my clients the freedom to adjust the content independently at any given time.


basic website

Basic/informational websites are content- and design driven. It is often the first line of communication between you and your potential clientele. The main goal here is to introduce your service and to give visitors a chance to get in touch with you.

e-commerce website

Web-shop allows you to sell virtual, downloadable, or physical goods and services. With the help of a powerful WooCommerce plugin your website can be transformed into a fully functional online store where you will be able to manage orders, track inventory, and ship goods.

membership website

Membership websites allow for the creation of members-only spaces on already-existing websites. The members-only content is then available upon registration or paid subscription.

online courses

Having a Learning Management System in place could be a great solution for those who want to share their knowledge in a systematic and organized way. A big advantage of hosting courses on your own website is having full control over the way your content is delivered, as well as over payments and branding.


After your website has been launched it is still important to check up on it at regular intervals to make sure it is performing well and by keeping up with updates, back-ups, security issues and more.


WordPress and Divi

Informational and E-commerce 

WordPress and Divi

Informational and E-commerce

WordPress and Divi

Informational website with minimalist design.